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New York attorney general orders stalkerware maker to notify hacked victims

A New York-based spyware maker has agreed to notify the individuals whose phones were compromised by its mobile surveillance software, following a deal with the New York attorney general’s office announced Thursday. Under the agreement, Patrick Hinchy, whose 16 companies promoted apps like PhoneSpector and Highster, will also pay $410,000 in civil penalties for illegally […]


‘0ktapus’ hackers are back and targeting tech and gaming companies, says leaked report

The hackers who reportedly hit more than 130 organizations last year and stole the credentials of almost 10,000 employees are still targeting several tech and video game companies, according to a report obtained by TechCrunch. The report, prepared by cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, calls the hackers “Scattered Spider.” In a previous publicly available report, the company said […]


Financial software firm Ion Group battles LockBit ransomware attack

Ion Group, a Dublin-based software company that helps financial institutions automate their critical business processes, has been hit by a ransomware attack that forced several European and U.S. banks to revert to manual processes. The cyberattack, which TechCrunch learned about on Tuesday, affected Ion’s Cleared Derivatives division, which provides software for automating the trading lifecycle and the […]


Google Fi hack victim had Coinbase, 2FA app hijacked by hackers

On January 1, a technologist who goes by the nickname regexer received an email saying he had successfully reset his account at the crypto exchange Coinbase. Unfortunately — and worryingly — he had actually not requested a password reset. Regexer, who asked to be referred to by his online moniker for fear of being targeted […]


All the Data Apple Collects About You—and How to Limit It

In the past decade, Apple has positioned itself as a privacy-first company. It has butted heads with law enforcement for encrypting people’s phones, messages, and FaceTime calls, and battled Facebook over its creepy ad-tracking practices. But Apple’s business model is also shifting. For years, Cupertino has made its money by selling expensive hardware—iPhones, iPads, and Macs. However, […]


You Really Need to Update Firefox and Android Right Now

e new year has kicked off with some hefty security updates released by the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. January has been a busy time for enterprise patches too, with SAP, VMWare, and Oracle among those issuing security fixes during the month. Here’s everything you need to know about the security fixes released in […]


Google Fi says hackers accessed customers’ information

Google’s cell network provider Google Fi has confirmed a data breach, likely related to the recent security incident at T-Mobile, which allowed hackers to steal millions of customers’ information. In an email sent to customers on Monday, obtained by TechCrunch, Google said that the primary network provider for Google Fi recently informed the company that there had been suspicious […]


Guardz emerges from stealth with $10M for SMB security and cyber insurance to protect against attack-as-a-service breaches

Small and medium businesses have become a growing target for malicious online hackers in recent years, currently accounting for between 43% and 61% of all security breaches and some $7 billion annually in related losses, according to different estimates. Today, a startup called Guardz is emerging from stealth with a two-part offering aimed at protecting them: a SaaS-based set of low-code […]


Identity management platform Saviynt secures $205M in debt, appoints new CEO

Showing that there’s real investor enthusiasm for identity management platforms, Saviynt, which enables companies to secure apps, data and infrastructure in a single platform, today announced that it raised $205 million in debt from AB Private Credit Investors’ Tech Capital Solutions group. Founder Sachin Nayyar, who returned to Saviynt as CEO this week alongside newly appointed […]


Hacker finds bug that allowed anyone to bypass Facebook 2FA

A bug in a new centralized system that Meta created for users to manage their logins for Facebook and Instagram could have allowed malicious hackers to switch off an account’s two-factor protections just by knowing their phone number. Gtm Mänôz, a security researcher from Nepal, realized that Meta did not set up a limit of attempts when […]

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