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high level vulnerability in McAfee

high level vulnerability in McAfee



Privilege Escalation vulnerability in McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Windows prior to 11.6.100 allows a local, low privileged, attacker through the use of junctions to cause the product to load DLLs of the attacker’s choosing. This requires the creation and removal of junctions by the attacker along with sending a specific IOTL command at the correct time.

Base Score: 7.8 HIGH





By exploiting a time of check to time of use (TOCTOU) race condition during the Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention and Firewall (ENSL TP/FW) installation process, a local user can perform a privilege escalation attack to obtain administrator privileges for the purpose of executing arbitrary code through insecure use of predictable temporary file locations.

Base Score: 8.2 HIGH


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